Isn't he plausible? The Talented Mr Kevin Weiss - Part Time Daddy and Ponzi Scheme Frontman

Trust Me, I'm An AuthorHouse Sales Rep.

When I first met Author Solutions CEO Kevin Weiss, he told me he'd been to Princeton within the first 2 minutes of meeting him. Then he tried to charm his way into my panties. While he had his hand up my skirt, however, the twice divorced serial conman with a 20 year old conviction for grand larceny, forget to mention his more shady, dubious past on Wall Street.

Lucky for me, before I ever earned my first thanksgiving bonus at AuthorHouse, I came to learn why Mr Weiss was picked by Bertram for the job (apart from the fact he is the most amazing liar I have ever met).

They picked Kevin because he is SO plausible. He is THE perfect frontman. Bertram needed someone who knew how to keep his mouth shut and keep the IRS not asking too many questions.

They found the talented Mr Ripley in dependable Kevin.