Chargebacks at Wordclay Scam

When Chase Bank banned Wordclay in 2007 due to the high number of financial chargebacks that the shopping cart "DIY publisher" received in the preceding 14 months, Bertram Capital looked around for another card processing company to accept WordClay's high risk financial exposure. There weren't many takers. Except one: Swiss-based PostFinance that handles payments for Wikileaks, headquartered in Zurich. Wordclay publishing scam currently has over $68 million hoarded in private swiss bank accounts, mostly hidden from the IRS except the tax they pay on latent fees. Bertram Capital may one day need their offshore nest egg in switzerland if they plan on becoming fugitives (stranger things have happened)

Just someone please - don't forget to tell them to double check Kevin Weiss's math - he failed his accounting exams twice.